States That Are considering Legalizing online gambling

After New Jersey’s victory in the Supreme Court in 2018, any state can legalize online gambling and sports betting. Sports betting is very popular in America and as of 2020, sports betting has been legalized in 18 states and a lot of states are slowly moving towards legalization of sports betting. Some states that are considering the legalization of sports betting are:


A constitutional amendment was introduced in California by an Assemblymember in July of 2017 which allowed the state to legitimize sports betting if changes are made to the federal law. This amendment is referred to as “PASPA”. Assemblymember Adam Gray made the argument that, since other gaming activities have laws and regulations set in place to ensure the safety of the consumers, sports betting should also be given equal treatment. There is also a voter referendum pending in California that can legalize online gambling and sports betting.


Florida is one of the states that are considering the legalization of online gambling and sports betting. Republican state Senator Jeff Brandes introduced a few bills that specified the requirements of allowing wagers on sports events. These bills would permit the state to oversee sports betting and online gambling. According to legislation, betting would not be allowed for people who are younger than 21.


The lawmakers in Maine passed an act in 2019 that ensures proper oversight on online gambling and sports betting. Very shortly after the bill was passed, it was vetoed by the governor. This bill prohibits betting on college contests and high school events and allows mobile and retail betting. This bill can be revived with a special session or might be re-introduced in the year 2020.


Several legalization bills for sports betting were introduced in January 2019. Massachusetts is one of the very first states that tried to recognize the legality of fantasy sports as well as online betting and could quickly advance towards the legalization of online sports betting and gambling.


A 27-page bill introduced in June 2017 in Kentucky would allow the racing commission to incorporate sports betting and wagering in their system. This bill allows betting on both professional and college sports and prohibits adolescent amateur sports. Additionally, two more bills were submitted in January of 2019.


Maryland legislators presented a bill in 2018 which included issuing a sports-related gaming license and accepting wagers on events if the person who is betting is not under 21 years old. However, the proposed bill didn’t move forward in that legislative session but we could see sports betting being legalized in Maryland soon.


Representative Bart Korman proposed a bill in 2018 that would have allowed licensed casinos and fantasy companies to incorporate sports betting and even though it passed the committee stage it didn’t go too far beyond that. Some new bills were introduced later in January 2019 that were related to sports betting.


A law on sports gambling was proposed in 2018 in Kansas. It would’ve allowed the Kansas lottery to involve sports betting in amateur and professional games. Hearings were held but no actions were takes. In January of 2019, another bill was proposed.

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