Sports betting att tribal casinos gets green light in Washington State

Sports betting att tribal casinos gets green light in Washington State after gov. Jay Inslee signed the sports betting bill approved by the state senate. The bill HB 2638 allows wagering at any of the 29 casinos that is operated by the state and its tribal groups.

The public excitement about this news and the bill are allthought not so high because all of the state casinos are closed due to the cornovirus situation right now. Shutdowns related to the coronoa pandemic also effect some sport events. That makes it not possible for sports fans to place bet and wager. However, the bill allows a limited form of mobile gaming within physical limits of tribal casinos. Some commercial gaming firms was upset about being left on the side for sports betting. They wanted the government to support some alternate bills that could include more mobile wagering and betting.

The Sports Betting Bill

Actually, sports betting would not be allowed in the state of Washington until 8 months – 1 year while negotiations between the state’s gaming commission and interested tribes were ongoing. However, there are some exceptions to what the bill allows and does not. The bill does not allow sports betting and wagering on collegiate or minor league sports. Online gambling outside the casino is also not allowed. From another point of view, Rebecca Kaldor – Executive Director of the Washington Indian Gaming Association says that legalization provides support for over 600,000 jobs and thus increases tax revenue by over $ 722 million dollars in state and local tax revenue.

Tribal gaming is much different from commercial gaming. There are many important things and services that society desperately needs, such as housing, infrastructure, and human services. We can ensure that tribal gaming is safe for the communities. And it will have a positive effect for the Washingtion State.


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