Old Havana Casino

Old Havana Casino

Are you and your friends planning on a casino game night again? Depending on the location that you’re at right now, you will find that best place to play. However, for those who are too far from that great place or can’t go out for some reason, there’s a way.  All you need to do is to have a reliable internet connection, a laptop or computer, and your favorite chair. You just need to find the best website where you can play your favorite casino games online! But of thousands of websites, which is the best of all US casinos today?

Well, that is the reason why we are here – we will give you the best online casino in town.  This casino is called the Old Havana Casino.

About Old Havana Casino

The name itself may be about how the casino was played during the old times in Havana, but Old Havana Casino is new, young, fresh, and not the usual online casino. When you visit its website, you will get to see that there is a mixture of modern but slick and classic elements of the casino. It might look boring at first glance, but we visit a site, not for the look of the website. Although it might be a plus, we are after the exciting games that it offers.  It looks classic, but with downloadable software, this site proves that it that old.

Old Havana casino was established in 2012 licensed under the jurisdiction of the court of Panama and is owned by Main Street Vegas Group Casinos. The owners are known to have been one of the known and largest casino operators in the casino industry. If you have been playing casino games for a while, you know that the online casinos own by this company are all awesome.


RTG or the Realtime Gaming software is the one behind the awesomeness of Old Havana Casino. With this software, it gives every player to choose from the most extensive selection of casino slots games. This includes the three-reel games and even bonus video slots. Some of the popular games that you can play are the Loch Ness Loot, Aztec’s Treasure, Cleopatra’s Gold, and others. There is also the jackpot piñatas and the shopping spree if you like a more progressive slots game.

There are also some new games being offered, such as Orc vs. Elf, Golden Lotus, and others. These games are all designed with advanced 3D graphics that will surely add excitement to the game. For those who are looking for video poker games, Old Havana Casino offers like the classic Joker Poker or the obscure Double Double Jackpot Poker.

Bonuses at Old Havana Casino

Old Havana Casino is giving more bonuses to both new and old players. Luckily for all of its new players, they are providing 250% welcome bonus. This bonus can be easily claimed once the software is downloaded successfully. The unclear part of getting this welcome bonus is if the offer will change depending on where you download and access the software. Their software can be accessed on both the web browser or through a mobile device. But whichever device is used, every new player will receive his awesome welcome bonus.

Still, with their bonuses, there are three coupons that plyers can choose from; the great 200% welcome bonus, a fascinating 250% welcome bonus, and the slots bonus of 300%.  However, it is unclear whether a player can claim all of these bonuses and if it needs to be claimed in a specific order.


Usually, in every game that you play, some challenges will give you bonuses or promotions. At times, it will also give you a chance to either make or break your rank. But in this online casino, it is quite different. When it comes to promotion, this casino offers different promotions every day. For example, on Monday, they offer a 200% deposit match and a cashback bonus that may reach up to $500.

The offer also reaches up to 300% depending on the day, and if you are lucky, they also offer free spins on that day. And did we mention that they also apply the so-called “triple season bonuses” on Super Sunday? With this, it is highly apparent that to compare the welcome bonus and the daily promotions’ bonuses; the regular promotions will let you earn more than just the welcome bonus. Who would have thought that things will get bigger and better as you continue your casino gaming?

Deposits & Withdrawals

In every casino, they always better payment methods in both withdrawing and depositing. There are even some casinos that even allow their players to pay in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.  With Old Havana Casino, they can give you better payment methods, but cryptocurrency payment is not included.

You can deposit as little as $20 as your minimum deposit, and $5,000 is the maximum deposit. Take note that, like other casinos with their payment methods, there might be fees whenever you are making deposits. Also, depending on your location, you might experience limited deposit options.  Bigger deposits might only be available to the US and might be limited to some countries. You might want to check it with their customer support. However, you might want to read further if you can reach and talk to one of their support.

Due to the advent of technology, you can now quickly put cash into your account. Unlike others, depositing may take you only a couple of winks, and you can now proceed to play your favorite casino game again. Here are some deposit methods at Old Havana Casino:

  • ACH
  • VISA and MasterCard
  • MST international gift cards
  • Money Order
  • Neteller

From the listed payment options above, Money Order can allow you to make a minimum deposit of $1. When it comes to withdrawing your earnings, a credit card is not a good option for you. You can claim it by cheque, cash, or it can be done through direct deposit if you are in the United States.

However, there have been reports of payment delays with this online casino. According to some casino players, waiting may take you for months before you could ever make a withdrawal. So it is still up to you, as a casino player if you can wait this long just to withdraw your winnings.

Customer Support at Old Havana Casino

Whenever a particular company is offering services or products, every customer expects that they also have excellent customer service support. Well, for some clients online, they say that you would know if that company is good or can be trusted through having good customer service. Regardless of the quality of products or services that they have, clients are relying on the customer support for some simple queries or even with serious issues that they are having.

They always have this expectation that if there is anyone that should be knowledgeable, it should be the company’s support. With Old Havana Casino, it never fails what their casino players from what they have expected.

When we are talking about Old Havana Casino’s customer service, it is highly recommended that you won’t be having any problem with it. It is because they are only just a click away. Every one of their support earned an experience in the industry – which means that they have the skills and abilities to fix the issue that you are going through. They offer customer service via their live chat, 24/7. They deliver it inside their casino software or even directly to their website. So, the issue that you are dealing with can be fixed easily at any time, also if it’s a day or a night.

They also have a toll-free hotline for all of their casino players in North America. For players outside the country, no worries, they can be reached through sending an email to email via email address. So whether it is online lice chat, through call, or email, they simply have made several options for their players to reach them.


From hundreds or even thousands of online casinos, finding the best online casino in USA is like finding that needle from a pile of hay. But, having customer’s feedback and reviews just like what we have here, you can undoubtedly find the best. One of the important points that you should know about is the company behind it and it’s licensing.

Well, Old Havana Casino didn’t fail as so as it is created and owned by a famous company. This company have been known to be one of the biggest creators of quality online casino. The company was licensed and had been known to be the owners of other online casinos.  Their bonuses and promotions may sound a bit unconvincing, but you would not know how legitimate it is if you would not try, right?

The only downside of this online casino is its processing time when it comes to their withdrawal and payout in the USA. But depending on the option that you choose, you can get your earnings from two days to one week, or if it is a cheque, you need to wait for about a month. So, if you think you can patiently wait just to get what you have earned, just make sure it is the option that will bring you the cash.

Pros / Cons
  • High welcome bonus
  • Many support options for all players
  • Great selection of games
  • Many countries restricted
Old havana casino

Up to250% In welcome bonus

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