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Review about Captain Jack Casino

Captain Jack Casino opened up in 2010. As a result, they have been online for a very long time compared to many of their opponents. It’s not the oldest site out there, but it is sure pretty old and experienced. Considering this, you feel that you should be able to expect some things from a site with that experience. In this review you find out more information why you should give Captain Jack an honest try.

Their operator license is operated by the country of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is actually one of the most popular places to operate an online casino from, so it’s not a huge surprise to see Captain Jack Casino licensed in this country. The reason for why Costa Rica is a popular place for online casino is probably because of their calm attitude to casinos and gambling.

Captain Jack’s main targeted countries are USA and Canada and are considered to be one of the best US casinos by some. There is some other countries as well that are accepted at the casino, but not that much. If you take a look at their list of restricted countries, you will see that there is a lot. Among the restricted countries you find some big ones like UK and China.

“The reason for why Costa Rica is a popular place for online casinos is probably because of their calm attitude to casinos and gambling.”

What bonuses do they offer?

If you’re looking to find some really great bonuses with a large amount to match, Captain Jack Casino is the right place for you. They are offering both new and already registered players different kind of bonuses. These bonuses is in the form of welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and reload bonuses.

As a new player at Captain jack Casino you will get a welcome bonus of no less than 100% up to an insane amount of $11.000. That is probably one of the larger welcome bonuses in the industry. As a result of this type of bonus system, many players around the world are choosing to join Captain Jack Casino every month.

In total there are bonuses for your ten first deposits. Although one thing we noticed is that for the 5th to 10th deposit bonuses you don’t really need to make a deposit. For the fifth one they will give you a bonus of 50% of your previous four deposits with a roof of $1,000. The tenth deposit bonus is a similar one. This is one of several reasons why many players are attracted to get started with Captain Jack prior to other similar online casinos.

Here they offer you a 100% deposit match on your last four deposits with a roof of $2,000. This is actually some really nice bonuses and kind of unique for an online casino. They are unique in the way that they don’t really cost you anything.

To be clear, Captain Jack Casino actually pays them for you based upon how much you’ve already deposited. As a result, this makes this casino great for payout in the USA, but also worldwide.

captain jack casino review

Deposits & Withdrawals

The banking options for customers at the casino is not to be underestimated either. Here you will get a wide range of selection for both deposits and withdrawals. As a player, you can choose between four different banking methods in this online casino. For deposits you can choose between either Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies just like Bitcoin have become a more and more popular method for deposits. This is something that many players highly appreciate these days.

And for withdrawals you can choose between the following methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Check

Even if the last mentioned is not that popular nowadays it’s still an option which is nice to have.

Although even if this is a really great online casino in USA in many ways there are some things less good. One of these things are the banking rules and methods. Captain Jack Casino is not very good at informing their customers about the processing fees that might be added to your withdrawals.

After all, nobody likes hidden fees that can come as a sudden surprise for you as a new player in their online casino. This is a point that many other online casino companies is good at. Simply because transparency comes a long way when it comes to customer service. But of course, no casino is perfect, and to be honest, there aren’t many things this casino is bad at anyway.

And also, no matter what online atmosphere you’re about to enter into, you will have to read info by yourself. Oftentimes you have to check up rules and policies on your own just to be 100% clear.

Support at Captain Jack Casino

And so on to the last, but not least section of this casino review. The customer support. Once again the casino manage to impress their customers here. By offering a 24/7 customer support to their customers, they make sure that you as a player can get all the important answers that you need. And the support staff at Captain Jack Casino is really good at what they do. Except for that they also have a toll free phone number you can call on: 1-888-288-2939 for US and Canadian customers.

And the last support option for their customers is the traditional Email support. You will reach the support team at Email:

captain jack casino

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