New online casinos

New online casino

New online casinos is always coming up, whether is it for USA or Europe. In this article we will focus on new online casinos for USA and the north American market in general. To start with, we want to say that there really is a lot of online casinos available today for USA players. This of course makes it harder to choose which one you prefer. Many of the best US casinos are here to stay, while others are not that long-lived due to numerous different reasons.

Taking into account that this is a very competitive industry, you will never get bored. Your choices are almost unlimited. There will always be new online casinos to try your luck at. New online casinos of course wants to be unique in their own way. Online casinos is the USA are no exception.

Especially in the opening of  new online casinos it is very important for the casino to offer something special. This can be in form of a really good sing up bonus, or maybe a free spin offer. At, we are always looking out for new casinos offering great Bonuses. Because our main goal is to provide as much and good information as possible to you. With our service, you will always be the first one to know about new online casinos and bonuses.

Trustworthy online casinos

However, there are a lot of things to be aware of  for spotting a trustworthy casino. Especially when the online casino is new. One thing is to make sure that the casino provides good customer support. A reliable casino usually offers 24/7 support to their customers via online chat. Other forms of a stabile support is Email, or a phone number to call. Also, you should pay attention to the selection of games and the variety of game providers.

Renowned software providers such as PlaytechMicrogaming, and RTG regularly audit and update their software to ensure players are treated fairly. whit this, you can be sure that you will always have a fair game. On the other hand, new casinos that use games from new software companies can let you experience new game styles.


Why should you sign up for new online casinos?

New online casinos usually make their offers really good in the beginning of opening. This is because they want to build a large player base to cover things like early expenses and of course to make their name heard. They may also be offering new types of gaming styles or options. Here we will go trough the most profitable benefits of signing up at a new online casino. Casinos that have bee around for a while, such as Sun Palace Casino, Captain Jack Casino and Silveroak Casino, are great in many ways but might lack the passion that the newer casinos might offer. New casinos have a more difficult uphill to climb in order to gain players trust. This makes them more keen on giving great support and offering generous bonuses to new players in the USA.

Great and big bonus offers

The first thing that you should know about new casinos is that they often will start with a really good bonus offer. This is a we mentioned before, because they want to get a large player base at the beginning. And as we know, the competition is very hard in this industry so they will for sure do all they can to get their name heard. So offering customers this types of large welcome bonuses and welcome packages is often something that works.

VIP & Loyalty programs

New online casinos don’t just want to get you as a one time customer. They want to keep you there for as long as possible. To that end, nearly all of them offer some form of regular promotions or loyalty programs. The more you play, the more you can expect to get back. It could be things like reload bonuses, free spins on the online slots or free bets. We’ll let you know who rewards you the most richly for your loyalty.

Jackpots & Events

Part of the fun of gambling is the possibility of taking home a substantial sum of money each time you play. We’ll let you know which new casinos are offering the kind of giant jackpots or progressive slots that excite even the most seasoned of players.


New online casinos that accept USA players

Nowadays, it’s not always that easy to find an online casino that accept US players. That depends on something called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that was first introduced 2006 as a bill, and then passed into law on June 01, 2010.

The UIGEA was designed to make it more difficult for US players to be able to access online casinos by preventing American banks and credit agencies from processing transactions with the gambling sites. When the bill was introduced in 2006 some online casinos was scared away. Allthough many stayed behind and continue to provide online gaming services to US players.

This is one of the main reasons we are here for you. To keep it more simple to find the best online casino, and new online casinos that accept US players. All of the casinos on our site allows full access to real-money casino games, and loyalty programs. Check out this page with the best listings of the most popular US online casino reviews!


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