Free Spins

Free Spins

Free Spins is a welcome bonus that casinos offer to new players. This is so they can try out a online casino before they play for real money. Many online casinos offers free spins to new players even without the rquirement to make a deposit. This is a great way for players to try out the casino and make up his mind about it. Because it´s of course no fun to make a real money deposit and then discover that the casino maybe doesnt have any games you like or something else you dont like about the casino.

This is so you can be sure about that you are going to enjoy the site you are looking to play at. Some casinos offers you that without even making a deposit. And others give you an additional ammount of spins on your first deposit. Some online casinos even gives you free spins on multiple deposits.

How can i get Free Spins?

As we mentioned earlier. This is a kind of bonus that many casinos use to give you a chance to try the casino. This is so they  can get a chance to try the casino and what it have to offer. If you find a casino that you like, you should check what kind of bonus they offer and if it´s include free spins. Then if you find a casino site that you like that offers what you are looking for you should start of by signing up there. If it is an bonus offer that doesn´t require a deposit in order to get the free spin bonus, then it will be automatically added to your account.

If you are required to make a deposit before getting the bonus, you simply make a deposit that covers the minimum sum to get the free spins.

Can i win money on Free Spins?

As with the most bonuses that casino sites are offering there are some requirements to meet. So is the case even here. Let´s say that a casino offers you 50 free spins when you make a deposit. Then you often need to wager between x20-x50 times  the sum you deposited to keep you winnings. How many times you need to wager differs alot from casinos.  But let´s say that you dont need to make a deposit in order to get you free spins bonus. In this case you might be good to go and keep your winnings straight away. Otherwise the case might be that you need to make a real money deposit before you can make a withdrawal.

Why the online casinos make these kind of bonuses like this depends on several reasons. But mostly its due to prevent fraud. About 10-15 years ago in the early stages of online gambling, many players created multiple accounts to get the bonuses many times. Nowadays the most online casinos is good at preventing fraud of different types. Since a player is only allowed to have one account at each casino site it has been harder for people to trick the casinos.

Where can i get my spins?

Now you know a little more about free spins and how they work. So now it´s time for you to get a descent amount of them to try your luck at a casino. As we mentioned before there are almost infinitely with casino sites that offers you this kind of bonus. That´s why we here at have done the hard work for you.

In the list below we have listed the best online caisnos that offers you free spins. Some of them require a deposit and others don´t. Check out the list and choose a casino that you like and try your luck today – We wish you the bets of luck!

Check out our full list of online casinos here.

Best Free Spins & No deposit offers

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